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Our Services

Buy a Vehicle

With a wide range of financing options and terms, we will help you purchase a vehicle. Expect us to offer several services including:
– You can check your balance and also get online statement.
– We offer you a long term loan for buying a vehicle with a lower interest rate.
– Payment options are very easy. For just making one- time payment you can adjust it with your monthly savings account.
– Lead time of the transaction is very fast and you can avail a loan very fast.

Lease a Vehicle

You can also choose a lease option if you want to use the vehicles. In this case, the user will not get the ownership right and after a certain period of time the vehicle will be returned to us. Features of this type of loan are as follows:
– 30% down payment has to be ensured in the starting of the loan.
– EMI (Equal Monthly Installment) has to be continued after the initial payment.
– Our lease installment size is comparatively lower amount than with our competitors.
– EMI is usually also lower than buying.
– After the completion of the lease agreement, you have to return the vehicle to the office where it will be verified for excess usage that is over the agreed-upon amount.

Ownership with flexibility

Under this option, you can sell your vehicle to our company at a fixed date and price. Features of this loan are given below:
-You can choose either 45 months or 72 months offer for a special fixed date,
-You can sell your vehicle to our company or
-You can keep the vehicle and in lieu of this you have to make payments until the expiry of the contract term.

Balloon Advantage

You can also give a big portion of your payment at the expiry of the contract. This option keeps your EMI at a lower amount. Like other option you have to pay a fixed EMI and the only difference with other option is that EMI figure is changing year to year and at the end of the contract this EMI is increased.