Shanray Motors | About Us
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Who are we?

Shanray Motors Financial Advisors was established in South Africa in 1925.We havegrown to become the largest financial adviser in South Africa by providing a full range of financial services,especially in car financing. We providecustom services to meet the individual requirements of our clients, and we have specialists who ensure that our recommendations create real value for your business.

Basically, we provide car financing based on the needs and requirements of the clients. Not only that based on their economic stability, we suggest to them a financial policy whichbest matchestheir current level of income.


To provide the utmost level of personal finance services to our members in a friendly manner; to meet the financial needs in our communities; to encouragecareful use of credit; to ensure sound financial management for our continued growth; and to provide our employees with a challenging career.


Our aim is to fabricate not only a sustainable business, but a business which customers and clients believe to be the first alternative for solutions to their financial problems.


Helping customers in the right way means ‘how we solve it’ becomes as significant as ‘what we solve’.


We add values to those whom we work with, and we are very much loyal with the contribution that they make.


We place our clients at the centre of what we want to do.


We use our knowledge, skills and resources to deliver the best results.